Harmonizing Energy Hypnotherapy and Reiki


Learn how to reprogram your mind to remove what triggers you.

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Learn how hypnosis removes PTSD and other anxiety triggers and develop a sense of calm, trust, and control. Then, join Wendy for a customized, professional    one-on-one hypnotherapy session that aims to eliminate post-traumatic triggers quickly.

Trauma is a nightmare to deal with, especially when things from our past that harmed or hurt us come to the surface. We often don’t realize how much our minds have been affected. This buildup of tension nearly always accumulates and leads to symptoms such as feeling clammy, nervous or even experiencing gripping fear.

But you don’t need to live like this. Learning hypnotherapy tools and methods may change the way you process the memories of your previous life experiences. Become free by releasing the things that used to trigger you and have kept you feeling stuck all these years.

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