Harmonizing Energy Hypnotherapy and Reiki


My wife Deborah had a wonderful experience with Wendy and plans on coming back very soon! We highly recommend her to anyone who needs her help!
Michael B.
I received a sound bath and reiki session from Wendy on December 1st. She kindly offered to come to my home as this was most convenient for me. She beautifully arranged everything with my comfort and needs in mind. The crystal bowls were wonderful and a great accompaniment to the reiki session. I very much benefited from the session and our conversation afterward. Wendy is generous and caring. After hearing my "healing" interests she went out of her way to help me find additional resources while I am in Las Vegas.
Tana S.
Wendy was super awesome, great personality and very helpful. After doing a session, I felt alot of tension lift off of me and mood has become so much better. Definitely won't be disappointed
Bryce Reese
Fantastic experience! What a truly magical healing session. I got a sound bath with energy work. Very positive experience. I highly recommend this very serene experience. Wendy is so talented and the soothing sound waves really work. I had a great time very relaxing. Wendy is amazing! Reiki really works.
A. McGrath
This was amazing I feel incredible healing effects. I have tried everything out there for acupuncture to massage to psychic healers all ten times over and have been around all those sorts of people my entire life. I am used to that world and now at middle aged I know what is real and not and what is actually taking my energy or healing it. Wendy is legit! Gentle healer, very amazing very in tune. Very talented. I love the sound waves you can feel them going through your body. A combination of so many therapies, I told her to whatever she sees I need and it felt perfect! The right amount of time an depth for where I was at. No nonsense and no time wasting and very super polite not invasive, nosy or overbearing at all. No hot-seat grilling, judgment or interrupting just legit healing. The nicest healer ever! Very progressive, positive, upbeat, smooth sailing, straight to the point fantastic healer. Very kind!!!!! I highly recommend a visit just try it!
Dave K.
I highly recommend this place! This was my first time, I’ve been wanting to try hypnosis for a while. Wendy is such a calm/gentle soul; I felt at peace from the very beginning to the end -This allowed me to open my self more and truly get to the core of what needed to be released. For me, it was more than a hypnosis session, I learned more about myself. Just amazing
Barbara Chapa
Such a great place, Wendy really did a great job and my wife's daughter loved it......
Wendy is a very caring and knowledgeable hypnotist who help guide you quickly into hypnosis! She was able to help me successfully clear out a few of my hangups so I could move forward in life confidently. Thanks Wendy!!!
Levi Gann
Wendy has made a huge difference in my life and I am more than grateful for her service. Her approach is innovative and with her kind and caring personality i trusted her straight away. Thank you very much Wendy!
Christina Hibbert
Recently completed a session with Wendy and have had an amazing experience from start to finish. I instantly felt comfortable and at ease. Wendy is an excellent hypnotherapist and very kind and I felt really comfortable. Couldn't recommend Harmonizing Energy enough, had a really positive experience thank you.
Stevie Purnell
Wendy was so calming to talk to and I felt better before we had even started any therapy.  Well worth the  money and time.  I am a new person! ​
Lidsay Plumb
​ I met Wendy through a professional Hypnotherapy body that we are both members of.  I had seen her Hypnosis work and qualifications and was that impressed, I asked  her to help me out with a couple of niggling issues for myself. (Us Hypnotists need looking after too!)  She sorted me out in just one session of hypnotherapy and to be honest it's taken me a long while to find someone that I can trust in the profession to work with me.  Wendy uses many modern techniques which make her stand out from the rest and I 100% encourage you to an recommend you do as I did and book a session with her! You will not regret it at all. I am also aware that Wendy is a very knowledgeable in other therapy  fields such as Reiki, energy and sound therapies which again maker her the "goto girl' for all your well being issues!  Can't wait to have another session with you soon Wendy!  5 stars all the way 🙂
Simon Marley
Wendy  was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She's so knowledgeable, kind, and supportive.  Go book a session with her.  Your Subconscious will thank you.
My session with Wendy was amazing!  We talked about certain things that happened and is going on with my life.  She taught me some thing to do if I am stresses or feeling down.  She then cleansed and opened my chakras. Overall, I am very pleased.  I highly recommend her. Thank you Wendy for your great service!
Shelby Wood
Excellent experience and coach, Wendy. Amazing! Wish I had signed up sooner. Health and well-being is worth it!
Wendy is amazing!  She takes the time to get to know you and your needs as her client.  She gives you tips on how you can balance and heal your chakras yourself!!  Very genuine person!  It wasn't my  first Reiki session, but I wouldn't say I'm an expert in it either, but I  felt a lot lighter leaving the session than when I came in, in comparison to the other sessions I've tried.  So I highly recommend trying her out!  Reasonable  prices and doesn't rush you into or out of your appointment.  Very relaxing atmosphere, as it should be. 
Katherine M.
Wendy is absolutely amazing. Mind set is the most important aspect to life and I was having troubles centering it to my athletics. In one hypnosis she helped empower my mind and I have seen the result in my daily training.
Lacee C.
​ I had a great experience, I feel much lighter then when I came in.  I would recommend Wendy to anyone!
Smokey Burnout
​ Wendy is an incredible human a Reiki Master, she made me feel safe and welcomed since the first moment I met her.  I had an amazing session where I  experienced deep relaxation, peace and harmony.  I definitely will be back  and recommend her for any energy work.  Love and light.
Sky R.
​ ​ Wendy is very knowledgeable and kind with great energy.  I feel lighter and better
​ Amazing experience. ​
​ I had such an amazing experience.  Wendy is great.  My first time and she made  my experience so great that my hour drive to her was so worth it.
​ It was a great experience I highly recommend and I will be goin back. Wendy is amazing!
​ I really needed to relax and receive some energy healing.  Wendy was the perfect  practitioner for that.  She was very kind and very good at what she does. If you are looking for a great experience don't wait...she is fabulous!
After everything was done, I felt so much darkness lifted it was amazing experience.