Harmonizing Energy Hypnosis and Reiki


Hello, I am Wendy Surber a hypnosis and Reiki practitioner.  I help clients, during in person and also online sessions, discover new ways to empower themselves and take back their lives.

As a child I had a difficult upbringing. Early on I struggled with the trauma of sexual abuse, lack of a stable family life and low self worth.  So much so that I believed that the Universe would not throw anything more my way because it knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I literally thought that I would just give up if it did.

In 2015 a member of my immediate family was diagnosed with a life threatening illness that nearly took their life.  This was a three and half year journey. At some point I realized that I could let the pain overtake me or I could rise up and face it, learn, and become a better me.  I chose to face the adversity.

As a result of overcoming my life’s obstacles I decided that I would use my knowledge and find a way to help others.  That is when I started energy work, also know as Reiki.  After doing that for a couple of years I discovered Hypnosis and how it can actually help people release the negative emotions and habits that they have stored in their minds and body’s throughout their lives, much quicker than Reiki and other therapies. Now, I dedicate my time to helping others become the best versions of themselves

A picture of Wendy Surber Hypnotist